Our Team

Aimee Lynch

Finance Associate

Aimee supports the finance and human resource departments. A graduate of Washington State University, Aimee previously worked at (and has a passion for) Harley Davidson. Outside of Code.org, she enjoys spending most of her time with her Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Nikki.

Alice Steinglass


Before Code.org, Alice managed the PM team for the UX Platform on HoloLens, designed APIs and developer client libraries for Xbox 360, ran an ecosystem outreach and UX team for Windows and built project management tools. Outside of work, she's volunteered teaching computer science, literacy and English to students and refugees.

Amy Cox

Program Coordinator

Amy is the Education team’s communications coordinator, and specifically focuses on supporting the 6-12 Teacher and Facilitator Development Programs. Previously, Amy taught high school English and college composition, and worked in the nonprofit sector. She earned her Masters degree in English from the University of Oregon, and brings with her an enthusiasm for Victorian literature and the hit musical Hamilton.

Andrew Oberhardt

Software Engineer

A younger Andrew originally learned coding for fun, and he fondly recalls the reward of using software to solve problems and build things. He was pleasantly surprised to turn his hobby into a career, and is excited to share his passion with others who may not have the same access or inclination. He previously worked at Microsoft and AWS.

Ann Puckett

Regional Manager

Ann has over 20 years in the Tech industry where she has worked in a variety of areas including software development, database admin, web design, education and project management. She has her Bachelors in Computer Science from Ohio University and a Masters from Central Michigan. For the past 2 years she has been a Computer Science Fundamentals facilitator and is happy to support partnerships in parts of the Midwest and Southeast.

Baker Franke

Research and Evaluation Manager

Baker is a former high school CS teacher from the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. He previously served on the leadership team of the Chicago CSTA in efforts to make computer science a requirement in Chicago Public Schools. At Code.org, Baker works primarily on the CS Principles project and evaluation of educational programs.

Ben Brooks

Data Scientist

Ben works to help better understand what and how much students are learning through Code.org’s curriculum. He has a background in data roles in public health research, web analytics, and city government settings.

Brad Buchanan

Software Engineer

Brad lives to build great experiences. Following Entertainment Technology studies at Carnegie Mellon University, he worked on the Plants vs Zombies franchise at PopCap Games. Brad now works on the Code.org K-12 Computer Science curriculum.

Brendan Reville

Software Engineer

Brendan is a software engineer who loves building user experiences. Since moving to Seattle from Sydney, he has worked at Microsoft on the Xbox 360, volunteered in a low-income after-school tutoring program, and played some ice hockey.

Brent Van Minnen

Software Engineer

Brent is a software engineer working on the Code.org tutorials, including the Flappy Bird creator. Previously, he worked for six years on Microsoft Office.

Bria Barry

Regional Manager, MidAtlantic

Bria is an equity practitioner and outreach specialist with 13 years of experience in higher education. She comes to Code.org from the University of Maryland's Women in Engineering Program, where she served as assistant director of outreach and recruitment. Bria is passionate about inspiring the next generation of innovators through access to STEM education!

Brook Osborne

Education Program Manager

Brook Osborne comes from Duke University where she teaches a service-learning robotics course. She has co-authored several publications related to outreach, robotics, and CS Principles.

Caley Brock

Software Engineer

Caley is a recent computer science graduate from the University of Waterloo and now works on the Code.org K-12 curriculum. She has also worked on the Hour of Code and Play Lab tutorials.

Cameron Wilson

Chief Operating Officer and President of Code.org Advocacy Coalition

Cameron was previously Director of Public Policy for the Association for Computing Machinery. In 2010, he launched the Computing in the Core coalition to bring attention to K-12 CS education. At Code.org he oversees government affairs and policy work, as well as regional outreach.

Carina Box

Director of Outreach

Carina keeps the ship sailing for Code.org's Outreach Team. Previously, she taught 6th grade in Phoenix, AZ and worked at a large consulting firm training clients on new technology.

Carol Meadows


Carol enjoys reviewing our financial information and explaining the monthly results. She prepares the monthly financials and narrative, as well as teacher and partner payments. She assists with the budget, audit, and month ­end close. Carol received her Bachelors from Western Washington University and Masters from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and has worked in different Finance and Accounting roles since graduating.

Case Soskin

HR & Recruiting Associate

Case supports technical recruting and the administrative needs of the Code.org offices, including providing support for leadership team members Sarah and Michelle.

Charley Williams

Regional Manager, Midwest

Clare Constantine

Software Engineer

Clare is a software engineer with a passion for increasing access to computer science education and diversifying tech. Clare graduated from Stanford University. Prior to joining Code.org, she worked at Microsoft and Getty Images.

Dani McAvoy

Curriculum Development Manager

Dani comes from Worcester Academy where she was a Computer Science, Math and Design Teacher. She graduated from Bowdoin College with a B.A in Computer Science and Math Education. At Code.org, Dani works with the education team creating innovative curriculum material for the high school level.

Dave Bailey

Software Engineer

Dave is a software engineer working on the Code.org K-12 Computer Science curriculum. Previously, he worked at Google on Gmail and Contact Manager.

David Bernier

Fundraising Manager

David is in charge of connecting and collaborating with donors and partners to bring computer science education to all students.

Don Miller

Regional Manager, Southeast

Don is an artist and educator based in Gainesville, Florida. Before Code.org, he served as the Senior Director of Computer Science Academics for the NYC Department of Education, working on the Mayor's CS4All initiative. He has also worked as a Learning Designer at the Institute of Play in NYC, developing project-based and game-like curricula. Before that Don spent time teaching creative coding to undergraduate students at CUNY schools in NYC. Don graduated from NYU's ITP program in 2011.

Elijah Hamovitz

Software Engineer

Elijah fell in love with programming with his first "Hello, World!" and he hasn't looked back. He's been making websites professionally since 2010. He particularly enjoys exploring the constantly-advancing cutting edge of the web and finding new ways to turn all the tools, languages, frameworks, and platforms out there into some really, really cool websites.

Elizabeth Bacon

Curriculum Development Manager

Elizabeth is a former computer science teacher and administrator. Before coming to Code.org, she worked as the Dean of Studies at Pilgrim School in Los Angeles, supporting teachers in developing and implementing the secondary curriculum.

Eric Jordan

Software Engineer

Eric learned to code because of his passion for statistical analysis and desire to make video games. He previously worked at PopCap Games, with a focus on analytics, infrastructure, and gameplay prototyping.

Erin Bond

Software Engineer

With an academic background in neuroscience and education, Erin was previously an elementary school teacher and private learning specialist. She is a graduate of Ada Developers Academy and is excited to blend her long-term dedication to education and new-found interest in technology at Code.org.

Erin Peach

Software Engineer

Erin is a recent graduate of the University of Washington's Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and has a passion for making computer science education available to all. She is thrilled to be working as a software engineer on the Code.org K-12 curriculum. In her spare time, she loves to craft and travel

GT Wrobel

Curriculum Development Manager

GT develops curriculum and facilitates professional development for both AP CS Principles and CS Discoveries. Prior to joining Code.org he taught high school computer science in his hometown of Chicago where he helped field test Code.org's CS Principles curriculum.

Hadi Partovi

Founder and CEO

Code.org CEO Hadi Partovi is an entrepreneur and angel investor. Hadi was on the founding teams of Tellme and iLike, and was an investor or early advisor to numerous startups including Facebook, Dropbox, Zappos, and airbnb. His full bio is available here.

Jael Topek


Jael specializes in all aspects of video production with a special love for animation and design. Since the turn of the century he's worked on projects for SNL, Valve, AT&T, Microsoft, Shutterstock and too many political campaigns, startups and non-profits to enumerate here.

Jake Baskin

Director of State Government Affairs

Jake is a former high school computer science teacher and professional development provider. As a teacher he focused on increasing access to computing for underrepresented groups and more than doubled female enrollment in introductory computer science classes.

Jake Bell

Marketing Coordinator

Jake supports communications, marketing, and public relations efforts at Code.org. In this capacity, he manages several projects related to the Hour of Code. He previously worked as a web development instructor, where he discovered his passion for helping others learn computer science.

Jenna Garcia

Education Program Manager

Jenna comes to Code.org from years of experience in both the tech and education industries. Over the past decade, she has skillfully kept one foot in each sector while working at Deloitte, NYC Public Schools, Chicago Public Schools and BigMachines/Oracle. At Code.org, Jenna is the liaison for all things K-5.

Jeremy Stone

Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy leads the engineering team at Code.org. He was previously the VP of Engineering at Clean Power Research where he built software products for the renewable energy industry. Prior to that he worked at Valve and Microsoft. He is a member of CTOs For Good.

Jordyn Seni

Program Coordinator

Jordyn supports Code.org's teacher and facilitator programs.

Josh Caldwell

Curriculum Development Manager

Before coming to Code.org, Josh was a Middle School teacher outside Seattle. He developed and taught a full spectrum of Computer Science and Robotics courses with a focus on using project based learning to connect CS to students' interests and local issues. At Code.org, Josh develops curriculum that brings the beauty of Computer Science to K-8 students.

Josh Lory

Software Engineer

Josh works on the Code.org K-12 Computer Science curriculum. Previously, he worked for two years at Microsoft.

Josh Schulte

Support Program Manager

Josh is a graduate of the University of Iowa where he studied computer science and psychology. Before joining Code.org, he worked for eBay, Cracked.com, Phoenix Capital Management, and as IT Director for KRUI 98.7 FM in Iowa City. Josh is way too into music and has traveled around the country and across two oceans just to see his favorite bands play.

Katie Hendrickson

Director of State Government Affairs

Katie works on state policy and advocacy issues for Code.org, including state implementation of computer science education initiatives. She earned a doctorate in mathematics education in 2016 from Ohio University, and is a former secondary mathematics teacher.

Kiki Prottsman

Curriculum Development Manager

Prior to her role at Code.org, Kiki was Founder and Executive Director of Thinkersmith, a non-profit on the cutting edge of K-8 Computer Science Education. As a champion for responsible computing and equity in both CS employment and education, Kiki works with many organizations to improve the experience of girls and women in STEM. Kiki works with the education team to develop innovative middle school and out-of-school-time curriculum.

Kristin Neibert

Office Manager

Kristin ensures daily operations run smoothly by managing the day-to-day functions of the Code.org office. In her spare time, she provides administrative support to leadership team members Sarah and Michelle and manages all things swag and inventory.

Lian Halbert

Executive Assistant

Lian supports leadership team members Hadi, Alice, and Cameron. She also works with the fundraising team to support in-kind donor relations and donor communications. A born and raised Seattleite, she graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in history.

Maggie Osorio

Marketing Associate

Maggie works on marketing and social media for the Code.org team. Previously, Maggie worked in grassroots advocacy and federal government affairs, as well as on political campaigns and in legislative offices. She's a graduate of Michigan State University.

Marina Taylor

Director of Product

Marina leads the Product team at Code.org which includes Product Management, Design, Data, and Customer Support. Prior to Code.org, she was Director of Product Management at DreamBox Learning where she found her passion for supporting teachers and bringing engaging learning experiences to students in all classrooms.

Mark Barrett

Product Designer

Mark designs delightful and intuitive user experiences. After 10 years in the games industry, he is excited to apply his creativity and experience to the improvement of computer science education. He has been a mentor with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for 11 years, and volunteer teaches after-school workshops at different schools throughout the Seattle area.

Megan Godwin

People Ops

Megan manages recruiting, hiring, onboarding, HR and employee development for the Code.org team. With a background in both startups and sales management, Megan is passionate about growing, supporting, and developing a successful team.

Megan Weber

Fundraising Specialist

Megan works for our fundraising team, supporting Code.org's regional partners in their efforts to become financially self sufficient. She also researches and writes foundation grants to support Code.org's mission to expand computer science education to all. Megan is a former high school Creative Writing teacher, and was the grant writer for Project Lead The Way.

Mehal Shah

Software Engineer

Mehal is a software engineer who enjoys building big systems that help people learn. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, photography, and competitive puzzle solving.

Michelle Page

Chief Financial Officer

Michelle is a non-profit veteran and lifelong community volunteer with deep experience developing successful organizations and dynamic teams in rapid growth environments. She leads Finance, Fundraising, HR, Legal, and Administrative functional areas at Code.org.

Min Yoo

Director of Marketing

Min oversees marketing and communications for the Code.org team.

Nimisha Ghosh Roy

Outreach Program Manager

Nimisha is a project manager and educator with experience in teaching youth and adults in formal and informal environments, curriculum development with an equity lens, cross cultural communication and developing collaborative partnerships. She is a Seattle-native and is active in the local Indian dance/performing arts community.

Pat Yongpradit

Chief Academic Officer

Pat is a former high school computer science teacher who specialized in creating authentic, project-based learning experiences. He has worked as a curriculum consultant for Microsoft, for Pearson, and also as a curriculum team lead for Montgomery County Public Schools. At Code.org he is responsible for creating (or curating) curriculum and professional development, to provide rich computer science opportunities to every school in the nation.

Paul Carduner

Software Engineer

Paul started programming in middle school after attending a summer camp where he learned to make games with LogoWriter and hasn't stopped programming since. In high school, he got his first taste of contributing to open source educational software by writing Guido van Robot, a pythonic version of Karel the Robot. Most recently, Paul spent 5 years at Facebook in both engineering and leadership capacities. He is thrilled at the opportunity to make the joys of computer science accessible to everyone.

Poorva Singal

Product Manager

Poorva is a Product Manager at Code.org. Before Code.org, she worked on the Start user experience at Microsoft. Poorva is passionate about fostering excitement for computer science and engineering in K-12students. She is currently teaching Intro to Computer Science remotely to a school in Bronx, NY as part of the TEALS program.

Ram Kandasamy

Software Engineer

Ram is a software engineer working on the teacher dashboard and K-5 curriculum. Previously, he was in the SF Bay Area working on Google Wallet.

Reena Chaudhary

Senior Accountant

Reena is an Accountant who loves working with and analyzing numbers. Prior to joining Code.org, she worked in many different industries and roles as a Finance professional. At Code.org her main function is reconciling and analyzing all of the numbers that are the core of the financial statements.

Ryan Sloan

Product Manager

Ryan is a Product Manager at Code.org. After growing up in small town Kentucky, he was motivated to help bring Computer Science to every student. Prior to joining Code.org, Ryan worked at Coding with Kids and MIcrosoft, where he volunteered in the TEALS program. Ryan works on the Computer Science Fundamentals program and professional learning supports.

Sarah Fairweather

Program Manager

Sarah gets to focus on building a supportive professional learning community for teachers across the country. She comes to Code.org with a background in staff development and educational equity.

Sarah Filman

VP of Education

Sarah works on the Code.org K-12 curriculum. Before joining Code.org, Sarah was a Program Manager at Microsoft working on OneDrive. Passionate about encouraging kids (especially girls) to learn Computer Science, she has also been a teacher for Girls Who Code's Summer Immersion Program, as well as a TEALS teacher at Cleveland High School in Seattle.

Sean Roberts

Director of State Government Affairs

Sean leads Code.org's policy work in multiple states. A former classroom teacher, he has led state advocacy efforts in areas such as funding equity, teacher certification, and school accountability. Building strong partnerships is a hallmark of Sean’s work. Prior to joining code.org, Sean served as executive director of a school advocacy association and a district human capital consultant.

Sheela VanHoose

Director of State Government Affairs

Based in South Florida, Sheela leads Code.org’s policy work in multiple states. Prior to joining Code.org, Sheela served in similar capacities for Charter Schools USA and Broward County Public Schools, and brings with her extensive legislative, political and advocacy experience.

Suky Kang

International Program Manager

Suky is thrilled to be working with Code.org's international partners. Before joining the Code.org team, she taught youth and adults in art museums, Spanish classrooms, after-school coding camps, and equity and social justice workshops.

Sung Kim

Regional Manager

Sung is a Regional Manager on the Code.org Outreach Team. She believes in the necessity of integrated STEAM learning and in closing equity gaps in education. Sung previously organized the Cambridge Science Festival and studied Urban Studies and Planning.

Tanya Parker

Technical Product Manager

Tanya is a USC Computer Science graduate who oversees the volunteer program and works as front-end developer on the website. She also leads the internationalization and localization of Code Studio, Code.org's online curriculum, into over 45 languages.

Tawny Bradley

Events Manager

Tawny manages all of the logistics for Code.org events, including teacher conferences, partner summits, policy and advocacy forums, and CSEdWeek events. Prior to Code.org, Tawny ran a vocational film training program in Maine, worked in creative media skills-based curriculum development in London, and produced film festival programs and events across the UK.

Vinh Luong

Regional Manager, Southwest

Vinh comes from the University of California, Irvine where he was the California Coordinator for the Expanding Computing Education Pathways Alliance. He is focused on improving and broadening participation in computing education, especially amongst underrepresented groups.

Will Jordan

Software Engineer

Will works on the Code.org K-12 Computer Science curriculum. He recently completed a PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of California, Irvine, and previously worked as a software engineer for PopCap.

Our Extended Team

  • Audrey Clark - Curriculum Intern
  • Avid Larizadeh - COO & co-founder, Boticca
  • Bow Jones - Videographer
  • Carly Gliva - Events Intern
  • Chris Pirich - Engineer
  • Corey Morrison - Curriculum Writer
  • Della Cronin - Vice President for Legislative and Public Affairs, Washington Partners, LLC
  • Dorsey Whitney - Legal Advice
  • Erin Bond - Software Engineer Intern
  • Foster Pepper - Legal Team
  • Irina Lee - Graphic Designer
  • Linnette Attai - Founder, Playwell LLC
  • Madeline Burton - Curriculum Writer
  • Malorie O'Toole - Program Manager, Education
  • Mara Downing - Curriculum Intern
  • Matt Bauer - Curriculum Writer
  • Nicole Reitz-Larsen - District Manager
  • Patricia Phillips - Curriculum Writer
  • Phil Bogle - Google
  • Rachel Phillips - Research and Evaluation
  • Ross Hogin - Graphic Designer, Branding/Re-design of code.org
  • Rubenstein - especially Lynn Trono - Media Relations
  • Sally Liu - Marketing
  • Trent Kay Maverick - Curriculum Writer

Thank you to our extended team of Engineer Contributors and Lead Translators!

Our Facilitators

Our expert facilitators and professional learning partners are an extension of the Code.org team. This amazing team of experts are responsible for preparing the computer science teachers of tomorrow.

Special Thanks to

  • Adriel Tam - Technically Learning Board Member
  • Alexandra Vlachakis - Educator
  • Alicia Rinehart - Office Manager
  • Amy Hirotaka - Government Affairs
  • Andre Stackhouse - Software Engineer
  • Anthony Bau - Engineering Intern
  • Asher Kach - Data Engineer
  • Aydin Ghajar - Branding/Design for original code.org Website
  • Beth Boatright - Technically Learning Board Member
  • Brad Porter - Amazon
  • Brian Jordan - Software Engineer
  • Brittany Scheuch - Operations Team Intern
  • Charles Dick
  • Cody Edmonds - Program Coordinator
  • Daniel Apone - Technically Learning Board Member
  • David Ollodart - Curriculm Intern
  • Elaine Kao - Senior Program Manager, Google
  • Emma Achberger - Government Affairs Intern
  • Eric Hilton - Technically Learning Board Member
  • Eric Oemig - Technically Learning Board Member
  • Erin Purcell - Accountant
  • James Gwertzman - Evangelist
  • Jeffrey Loppert - MathWorks
  • Jessie Opaleski - Education Team Intern
  • Joanne Polsky - Software Engineer
  • Joe Basirico - Technically Learning Board Member
  • Jon Lanthier - Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Jon Smith - Manager
  • Kate Brunette - Partnerships and Campaign Coordinator
  • Katie Apone - Program Manager
  • Katie Kurtz - Grant Writer
  • Laura Kline - Marketing & Product Manager
  • Lauren Selig - Producer
  • Lesley Chilcott - Filmmaker
  • Maddie Mador - Marketing Associate
  • Marc Wautier
  • Margot Grant - Government Affairs Intern
  • Maria Choi - Vice President, Fundraising & Partnerships at Fast Forward
  • Mary Magellan - Grant Writer / Fund Development
  • Mary Pelfrey - Events Manager
  • Matt Oshry - 24/7 Inc.
  • Megan Sullivan - Curriculum Team Intern
  • Mei'Lani Eyre - Curriculum Team Intern
  • Melissa Glenn - Executive Assistant
  • Melissa Jones - Community Development Manager
  • Mike Finch - Designer
  • Minh Nguyen - Fundraising Intern
  • Monica Parsons - Videographer
  • Nat Brown - Founder, An Engineering Guild
  • Nichol Bradford
  • Nicole Ehrlich - Producer
  • Phil Wagner - Instructional Designer, Google
  • Rachel Klein - VP of Professional Learning & Community
  • Rebecca Deutsch - Technically Learning Board Member
  • Roxanne Emadi - Marketing & Communications
  • Sarah Chow - Customer Support and Fundraising Associate
  • Scott Bailey - Audio Producer / Sound Design
  • Scott Isaacs - Amazon
  • Shelby White - Program Coordinator
  • Stacy Hsu - Graphic Designer
  • Stephanie Chiang - Program Manager, Google
  • Stephen Styrchak
  • Susan Evans
  • Thi Phomprida - Customer Support
  • Trevor Berg - Software Engineer